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Bike tours Denmark

Discover Denmark, a well kept secret among keen cyclists. And quite rightly too: The country is almost flat and the infrastructure for cyclists is among the best in the world. There is supposedly a verb 'to copenhagenise' which means create a city for cyclists!

Denmark - Funen and Aero

Welcome to a Cycling Paradise! Sydfyn (South of Funen) is a very popular summer destination in Denmark for active travelers with room for everybody. Whether you are into cycling to lovely ...

Copenhagen and Zealand

Come to Copenhagen and discover the beauty of Denmark and Sweden on this bike tour! Despite Denmark being sat between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, its annual rainfall for central ...

Stockholm - Copenhagen

This exciting cycling holiday is awaiting you with a lot Northern Europe has to offer: Explore both capital cities Stockholm and Copenhagen, as well as car metropolis Gothenburg. Cycle along the ...

Berlin - Copenhagen

Cycle from Germany to Denmark and come along this classic bicycle tour from Berlin to Copenhagen, from the 'Metropolitan Spree City' to the 'Little Mermaid'. Enjoy the gorgeous Lake ...
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