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Bike tours Spain

Make a bike tour and discover Spain with its beautiful landscapes and its cultural highlights. Spain belongs to the favorite destinations of European tourists. Unfortunately many of them stay on the beaches and in concreted cities on the Spanish coast, because there is so much to see! Spain has a very long and eventful history. The proof is the prehistoric paintings of Altamira and the architecture and monuments of the Romans, the Vandals, the Visigoths, the Moor, the Jews and the Basques. The Basques are the original inhabitants of Europe before the arrival of the Indo-European populations. The dark side of Spanish history is Inquisition or the Colonialism after Columbus discovered the New World in America. The Iberian Peninsula possesses beautiful landscapes, high mountains as the Cantabrian Mountains in the North-West or the Sierra Nevada in the South, and a great range of cultural heritages. Please don't forget that helmets are compulsory in Spain!