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Remember the antique Rome and its enduring influence on the history of Europe. Think of the giants of art and literature like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante or Petrarca … Or the numerous rich cities of the Middle Ages and, of course, of the Renaissance. And Rome and the Popes, Francis of Assisi or the Holy Roman Empire. And finally don’t forget the very good Italian cuisine: pasta, parmesan, ham of Parma or of San Daniele, the wine of Chianti... This country possesses undoubtedly an enormous cultural heritage, as we know. So don’t hesitate, come and discover the Italian landscapes and the old towns by bike from the Alps to the Mediterranean island of Sicily.

Via Claudia | Bolzano - Venice

The Via Claudia Augusta, completed within 60 years, is an exemplary sample of Roman construction and a masterpiece of antique engineering. With this road, the Romans had built the first proper ...

Via Claudia | Bavaria - Venice

About 2000 years ago the adopted son of imperator Augustus, General Drusus realized over his military career the significance of well-maintained and quickly passable transport routes from the ...