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Beginner bike tours

In our category 'Beginner bike tours' you find cycling holidays for those who are a bit less trained and experienced than other riders. These bike trips are characterised by short stages in flat areas and along cycle paths of very good quality. So really everybody can do a relaxed bike tour without too much physical stress.

Rhine and Maas

Discover with France Bike, your partner for cycling holidays this very nice region between Germany and the Netherlands and experience all the lovely towns and beautiful landscapes on the ...

Princes & Painters

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft and Gouda are among our cyclists’ all-time favorite cities - each unique and all brimming with that typical Olde Holland character. We have decided to ...


Cycling holidays between wild horses and flamingos. This bike tour leads through the green Münsterland in northwestern Germany. We're sure that you'll enjoy the magnificent landscapes on the ...
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