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Our selection of guided bike tours is for those who love to share the experience of outstanding cycling holidays with others. And your English speaking guide will lead you perfectly along the way so that you just need to follow and relax. Find here our selection of perfectly organised and guided cycling holidays.

Danube-Delta by bike and boat

Discover Europe's last natural paradise per bike and boat! This cycling trip by “hotel boat” meanders through the stunning beauty of Europe's last natural paradise Danube Delta to mile "0", ...

From Prague to Dresden - guided bike tour

Make guided cycling holidays in the Czech Republic and in Germany and discover both the beautiful landscapes and the impressive cities of Prague and Dresden. You'll follow the two rivers on ...

From Prague to Vienna - guided bike tour

Follow the Greenways Trail from Prague to Vienna with a group of happy cyclists! For the first part of the trail from Prague to Ceske Budejovice you will travel by minibus or car. Here you ...

Sardinia - guided bike tour

Plunge into the savage and romantic beauty of south western Sardinia, amongst abandoned mines and empty beaches. Ride this self-guided bike tour in Sardinia in total freedom, at your own pace, ...
8 days
from 1315 €
10.09.2022 - 17.09.2022
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